Your mobile phone is more dangerous than you think!

The territory of all the populated regions of our planet are covered with a dense network of cellular retranslators while each of them is a powerful source of non-ionizing radiation. These retranslators create a pathogenic environment in cities and densely populated regions. Besides that, each owner of a mobile phone has his or her personal 12 EMF protection for every family EMF radiation source with unpredictable exposure schedule.

Standards: In accordance with applicable law, mobile phone radiation level shall not exceed 01 µWt/cm2. Nevertheless, real radiation levels soar above this rate several thousands of times. Average level of energy flux density for different mobile phone models amounts to 0.2-0.5 Wt/cm2. This is 10 times higher than the clear day solar heat flux density rate in the middle latitudes. Meanwhile, the EMF distribution changes significantly in close vicinity of the user’s head. During the call, its tissues can absorb about 10-98% of the emitted energy.

The study results showed that:

• 10-30 minutes of cell phone use requires 8-14 hours of functional recovery.

• 10-30 minutes of cell phone use per day can cause physiology changes in viscera and systems.

• 10-30 minutes of cell phone use per day within 7 years (in case if a human is completely healthy) entails heavy pathological behaviour.

Thermal effect: Thermal exposure (more than 10 µWt/cm2) can cause disorders of any viscous and system, first of all, lenticular opacity, disorder of middle ear etc. The studies performed at Department of Quasi Static Electronic of Physical Faculty (Moscow State University), showed that the user’s brain sustains a local overheat during mobile phone call. The brain tissues contain micro zones of extended conductivity. They can absorb a large dose of electromagnetic radiation, which may result in brain tumours. This fact was also confirmed by results of experiments on animals. When the doses of high-frequency irradiation were enlarged, some parts of their brains were as though being stewed.

The scientists from Institute of Biophysics (Ministry of Health of Russian Federation) found out that mobile phone radiation is fatal for hen eggs, meanwhile being harmful for people. The experiment was performed by professor Yuri Grigoriev, a famous scientist and Chairman for Russian Scientific Committee of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. It showed that mobile phone radiation kills about 30% of eggs, whereas normally only 2% of eggs die (which is 15 times less). 

Non-thermal effect: Non-thermal effect reveals itself in brain impulse changes. Brain neurons form a very complicated electric network, being very sensitive to high frequency EMF generated by mobile phones. That is why, long-term exposure during continuous phone calls causes disorders of brain electrophysiological activity which entails neurocirculatory asthenia (N.C.A.). N.C.A. in turn invokes disorder of all systems and leads to hypertension, endocrine system diseases, cardiac arrhythmia etc.

Stress: Research results showed that mobile phone EMF invokes resonance in brain neurons, which significantly amplifies even the least stress. Thus, mobile phone owners experience a strong nervous strain on a constant basis. This strain becomes a habit thus being almost insensible. Being exposed by phone EMF, the neurons die several times quicker which entails memory and performance impairment, as well as reduction of cognition capability.

Usage recommendations: Mobile phone is a specific EMF source, which is notable for its local continuous exposure. So a special approach to sanitarian standardisation for admissible level of the phone emission is required. In accordance with hygienists assumptions, adults should not use mobile phones longer than 30 minutes a day, and children under the age of 18 must not use it at all.