Yes, NEITRONIK 5GRS will assist your health against this new cellular technology because our technology offers 5G protection. In actuality, our technology is capable of withstanding any type of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, including that produced by microwave ovens and WIFI routers, and it will remain compatible with newly developed technologies.
No, our goods are EMF neutralizers, not EMF blockers. They balance out the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on your health, but they don’t change or lessen the frequency of EMFs, thus an EMF meter won’t show any differences. Since your wireless devices won’t work properly if you block EMF frequencies, EMF blocking devices are often ineffective for achieving EMF protection.
Yes, because NEITRONIK 5GRS is designed to protect from EMF radiation emitted by mobile phones, microwave oven and WIFI routers. If you want to protect yourself from radiation coming from TV, monitor, tablet, notebook or any other display, you’d need to use Neitronik MG-04.