Zhivitsa MG-07


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The passive water regenerator MG-07 “Zhivitsa” is designed to structure water and give it properties close to natural spring water.

Designed for use in domestic conditions.

It is recommended to use for tap water, purchased water in containers with a volume from 1 to 5 gallons.

Available in red, blue or white color, depending on stock availability.


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Product care:

Without disassembling the device(Zhivitsa MG-07), once every 3 months we recommend cleaning the protective container for preventive purposes. As the plastic has a laminated structure, bacteria can settle there over time. For this purpose, it is necessary to wash the container with warm water with antibacterial soap or dishwashing liquid, and then rinse the container in running water. It is not recommended to disassemble the protective container in order to avoid breakage of antennas or the protective container. DO NOT PUT TO DISHWASHER.

“Zhivitsa MG-07” is designed for water structuring in containers up to 5 gallons. For structuring time see the table:

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Technical Specifications

Hight 6 inches
Weight 2.7 oz
Diameter 1.6 inches