Neitronik 5GRS


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Neitronik 5GRS . A thin-film antenna that reduces your smartphone harmful irradiation by up to 90%.

Neitronik operates in a passive mode, interacting with the switched-on device at frequencies that are above 450 megahertz.

Due to the crystal lattice re-emission, a secondary vortex field is formed, which extinguishes the emitter field in the antiphase and reduces the overall electromagnetic intensity, not compromising the link quality.

Neitronik is a multilayered structure, which includes a special metal layer made of aluminum and titanium dioxide with the embossed image on it.



In stock

Neitronik 5GRS is a personal protection device shielding you from electromagnetic radiation and designed considering the latest achievements in the field of technology.

Modern smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi routers are becoming more powerful with an increasing number of antennas. In turn, this greatly affects the level of electromagnetic pollution they emit, which negatively affects human health.

Neitronik 5GRS is an advanced development that is distinguished by increased protection from ambient radiation, allowing you to protect your health. This product is the best available technology for protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Neitronik 5GRS is recommended for those who use smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, tablets and microwave ovens daily.

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